Rose dark



Rose dark is appreciated as the best of all rose oils.As the "queen of flowers",its fragrance and efficacy are loved by all people,because it can enhance women's self-confidence by driving away sadness and depression. Moreover, rose essential oil is the female uterine tonic, and the promotion of vaginal secretion,it can regulate the menstrual cycle and whiten&soften skin without irritation.Red rose is usually used for preparing perfume or fragrance because of it's rich fragrance.

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Bulgarian rose oil



Extracted from the most famous original place, Bulgarian rose oil is known as "liquid gold".With fresh and rich aroma,it is loved by the female as the best tonic for female "private garden",bacause its beneficial essence is much more than other oils.Besides,it also has a good effect on moisturizing and pigment reduction

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Jasmine essential oil



On the dry, sensitive and inflamed skin, it has great sedation and make up water effect. Jasmine essential oil has the" oil king" title. in males it may improve prostate hypertrophy and enhanced sexual function to increase sperm count, applicable to male impotence, premature ejaculation; soothe depression and nerve.

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sandalwood oil



On asteatotic eczema, aging and water shortage skin, sandalwood oil has great improve effect. Maintain water retention of the dermis layer skin; on the urinary system to help large, improve frigidity, sexual impotence; soothe anxiety and nervous tension.

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Neroli oil



Neroli oil can stimulate the parasympathetic nerve, so it is very useful for the treatment of insomnia. It also can relieve the nerve pain, headache, dizziness and varicose veins. The biggest effect of neroli oil is on skin and mood, for dry sensitive skin it has a great effect, in the desalination scar stretch marks on it has a significant effect. for excessive excitement, it has a calming effect.

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Ylang Ylang



Ylang Ylang is called "perfume tree".With the title of "the flower of flowers",it can balance oil and fat secretion, It has great help for the oily and dry skin. Whitening,moisturizing,anti-aging.

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