Ginger oil



Ginger oil helps to dissipate blood stasis, mixed in the shampoo.It can improve headache. improve the irregular menses, can also be used for postnatal care in order to eliminate the accumulation of blood clot; particularly helpful in improving the wet cold body and excessive body fluids state; such as flu, phlegm and runny nose, it also can reduce the sore throat and tonsillitis; warm mood,make the person feels sharp and enhance memory and good mood.


1.Massage: Base oil 10~15 ml +2~10 drops of essential oil mixing,massage until absorption .

2.Smelling: Drip one drop of oil in the palm or paper towels, place it below the nose with a deep breath smelling. 

3.Aromatherapy:3-5 drops of essential oil in aroma diffuser machine water container, essential oil fragrance will quickly dissipated into the air. 

4.Spraying: Drop 8~10 drops of essential oil in 100 ml of distilled water, place it in a spray bottle, spray at any time in space.


1.Those allergic to essential oil are forbidden to use.

2.If women in menstrual period,gestation period and lactation period,it should be used with caution.

3.Keep it away from children.