With strong sweet scents of soil,it brings a real and balanced feeling to people,to drive out drowsiness and improve alertness.It helps cells regeneration,promotes scab,relieve inflammation,improves roughness,wounds and sore.It also has good effect on acne, eczema, bacterial infection and scalp anomalies.

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Angelica oil



Angelica oil is used as daily tonic, to enhance the body's aura, which can improve weakness,lack of blood,dark spots,yellowness, irregular periods,physical congestion,anemia.It is especially suitable for the menstruation less,the recovering,the menopausal women and the old.

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clean oily skin, can condition the skin and tissue, but also help in the treatment of acne. Grapefruit essential oil is often used in hair care, can promote hair growth. Suitable for the decomposition of fat mass, for weight reduction and diuresis has positive effect, can help the body eliminate excess moisture. Through the stimulation of lymphatic system circulation,eliminate the toxin inside body.

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marjoram oil



Apply to oily skin, marjoram oil can improve acne, regulate greasy skin,reduce age spots.It has good effect on the improvement of varicose veins, the promotion of the blood circulation and the reduction of but also effective to relieve muscle pain and inhibit sexual desire.In addition,it aids in the relief of anxiety and stress, which can strengthen heart and warm bad mood.

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Frankincense essential oil



Frankincense essential oil is perfect nourishment for wrinkle and aging skin.It has good effect on anti-aging and allergy,which can make the skin exquisite and smooth.On mucosa,it has excellent curative effect, can relieve the shortness of breath,and it is beneficial for asthma. With convergence characteristic ,frankincense oil can relieve uterine bleeding and excessive blood;.In addition, it can drive away restlessness ,to help meditation and relieve postpartum depression.

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