Rosemary oil



Rosemary oil has strong convergence effect, conditions the greasy dirty skin, promotes blood circulation and stimulates the regeneration of hair. It is good for the gastrointestinal, heart, lung, liver and bile. It can let skin tight and elastic especially for the loose skin.

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Clary sage oil



Clary sage oil has good effect on cellular regeneration, especially on the growth of hair.It's helpful for irritated、tumid skin and oily scalp because its' oil control effect. dalso very effective aphrodisiac essential oils, for women is good, such as the role of menstruation.

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Improve the skin loose and bulky pores, tighten except fine lines; moisturizing , prevent wrinkles or cellulite helpful. Stimulate the secretion of breast milk, improve women milk feeding, regulate hormone secretion, improve reproductive organ function; alleviate premenstrual syndrome.

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Ginger oil



Ginger oil helps to dissipate blood stasis, mixed in the shampoo.It can improve headache. improve the irregular menses, can also be used for postnatal care in order to eliminate the accumulation of blood clot; particularly helpful in improving the wet cold body and excessive body fluids state; such as flu, phlegm and runny nose, it also can reduce the sore throat and tonsillitis; warm mood,make the person feels sharp and enhance memory and good mood.

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Purify pores, remove acne, good for oily hair and skin; is the best treatment of common cold. can inhibit the inflammation of the mucous membrane, and promote perspiration; cool analgesic efficacy, relieving headache, migraine and toothache; can shrink capillaries, relieve itchy,improve inflamed and burns, eczema, tinea。

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Commiphora oil



Commiphora oil aids in treating wounds, dermatitis, eczema.It has good effect on bronchitis,cough,bacterial infection,mycoplasmal infections,relaxation of tendons,stasis pain.For gums,it can cure oral ulcers and other gum problems rapidly.

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